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My name is Veronica Ott and I am a professional writer. I went to university for business and accounting studies, then I obtained my CPA designation shortly after finishing my undergrad. As much as I loved studying business, I always knew I wanted to do something creative with my life. 

During my CPA studies, I started writing articles for individuals and companies that were in need of finance-based content. I quickly discovered my passion for words, sentences and the magnificent composition they create. At that moment, Veronica Ott Writing Company was born! 

Today, I produce content in various niches including finance, pop culture and editorial news. It’s my objective to help others by creating written material that educates, informs and enlightens readers. I am working towards the completion of the Creative Writing Certificate with the University of Toronto to ensure that the content I produce is the best it can possibly be. In my spare time, I participate in writing competitions, work on my scripts and indulge in music and film.  

If you have any inquiries or collaboration requests, please find my contact information below.


Veronica Ott


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