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My name is Veronica Ott and I am a freelance writer with a specialization in personal finance, business and accounting content. I went to university for business and accounting studies and obtained my CPA designation shortly after. During my CPA designation studies, I started writing articles for individuals and companies that were in need of personal finance, business and accounting written content. I quickly realized I had a knack for converting complicated financial jargon into words that were easy for others to understand. At that moment, VO Writing Company was born! I made it my goal to help others navigate through complex, overwhelming financial and business issues with useful, accessible content.

At VO Writing Company, my mission is to educate readers on important, relevant financial and business topics using understandable, simple and easy to read writing. I also have the following core values: simplification, integrity, prosperity, knowledge and advancement. My goal is to help individuals and businesses get the financial and business content they need for their readers through my mission and core values.


Veronica Ott


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