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In 2018, VO Writing Company was founded by Caitlin Devon. At the time, Caitlin was an in-industry accountant pursuing the CPA designation. Unsure of where her career was going, Caitlin decided to write under the pen name Veronica Ott. This pseudonym is significant because it was a name Caitlin’s parents almost gave her. Over the years, the Veronica Ott brand grew significantly in the personal finance content creation niche.

What We Do

Over the years, VO Writing Company has grown immensely. Now, the organization has become a full-time venture. The company is dedicated to professional writing and services for small to medium sized businesses. 

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About Caitlin Devon

Caitlin is a writer, accountant and entrepreneur. She currently owns and operates VO Writing Company and Consulting Clan. She started her career as an in-industry accountant. Caitlin attended Western University and obtained an undergraduate degree in accounting. Shortly after, she began the CPA program while working full-time in private equity. After two years, Caitlin worked in consulting and advertising for a year where she completed her CPA designation.  

During her CPA studies, Caitlin started a side hustle by writing finance based articles for a blogs. Not sure where her career was going, she decided to write under the pen name, Veronica Ott. Caitlin developed a passion for writing and created the company, VO Writing Company. In 2020, she expanded the company into a full time venture by continuing to offer writing services and adding accounting and business services. Today, Caitlin owns and operates Consulting Clan which offers an array of services for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

When she isn’t working, Caitlin loves to listen to music, watch movies and contribute to her creative projects, including scripts for film, a poetry book and the Screen Facts blog. She is also working towards the completion of the Creative Writing Certificate with the University of Toronto and Film and Multiplatform Storytelling program with Humber.

Giving Back

The ability to give back to the community is important to VO Writing Company. Every month, a donation is made to Horizons for Youth, a local organization in Toronto dedicated to helping at risk youth. 

Contact & Collaboration

For queries or collaboration, reach out to VO Writing Company or Caitlin Devon using the contact information below: 

LinkedIn: Caitlin Devon

Email: veronicaottwrites@gmail.com

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