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Boundless White Sanctuary

Her snowshoes, a deafening crunch in the expansive silence. 

Heart racing, she enjoys the boundless white sanctuary. 

Accustomed to the blaring of traffic and idle metropolis racket, hush is a sound long forgotten. 

An abundance of coarse, crisp, crystalline snow encases the wavy ground. 

Broken boughs, rocks and trees poke out where the inescapable snow permits. 

The white blanket unwrinkled, aside from faint prints of lonesome animals and wads of fallen snow shrugged off by woody evergreens. 

Peculiar shaped peak holes within forest thick allow for peering at the pure, hardened body of water. 

Barren and icy branches are grotesquely demented next to coniferous feathers. 

Through a peak hole, a murky mist swallows the ebb and flow of black trees. 

Endless, ghostly clouds lace with the mist and barricade sunshine. 

Snowflakes lazily float down. 

Several fleks land on her cheeks and melt into fabricated tear drops. 

The polar pang soothes her puffy face. 

Hues of black and white are often thought to be macabre, but she feels the cosmic, intoxicating power of nature.

A chilling breeze whirls by, a shiver crawls down her spine. 

Trees answer back with weary moans and groans. 

After leisurely sways, trees come to a halt and the unfamiliar tranquility returns. 

She breathes in the sharp air and wiggles her toes – it’s time for the next step forward.

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