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The Perfect Face

a dramatic monologue

As soon as I wake up

I must apply makeup

Steps done in exact order

To soothe my appearance disorder

I’m hiding behind a mask

To escape scrutiny’s grasp

One day I’m too thin

The next I’m too fat

People criticize my skin

Everyday feels like combat

Stand in front of the mirror

Start with prep and prime

Next is some shimmer

Then my eye I outline

Foundation applied as a base

Wrinkles I rid

Redness I erase

Brows are full

Shadow on the lid

Lips colourful

Once I’m done

I step back 

At myself I stun

I swear I’m not a megalomaniac

Then a million pictures I take

Where my face is all fake

“So why all the makeup?” one may ask

Appearance is my ultimate task

Because my life is over publicized

Without makeup, I would never be prized

I’d be no one

I’m just trying to keep up with the Kardashians

Hoping my name too will have meaning for eons

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